For the first time in 6 years (when I was frustratingly fiddling with all my plastic toy cameras for art school), I got back in the film saddle armed with a real shooter this time-- a Canon AE-1 I bought used for a Skillshare class I'm taking on film photography. This first roll was shot on some slightly mysterious Kodak 200 film that came with my camera and lenses. After getting the roll developed and scanned at Walgreens, the yellow tinge of the Kodak GOLD line was fairly evident (thanks detective/professor Matt Novak for that insight!). A reminder....find some Kodak Portra the next time I buy film.

ichael and I set out west towards Troy Meadows (a 3,100 acre nature preserve in Morris County, NJ) with our cameras--him on his grandfather's old Konica and me on some mysterious lady's gently used Canon AE-1. We both shot on Kodak GOLD (check out his photos of the trip here) and in between driving through a foot of mud, hopping streams and stomping through marshes, we both just tried to get the hang of the settings.

As a wild child growing up in nature camp with my cousins in rural Michigan, I suppose this is my analogue documentation of nature specimens. Also to be noted, any pink fuzz blurs are from my gloves in the frame... or a really cool "light leak" I may try to pitch to photo apps...