After falling in love with weaving tissue "baskets," then real reed baskets, and all the while being endlessly inspired by textile/fiber artists such as Sheila Hicks, Justine Ashebee, and Janelle Pietrzak, I decided to fashion my own loom....out of cardboard!

A good set of materials includes:

  • Cardboard box
  • Xacto knife & blad
  • Ruler
  • Cotton string (warp)
  • Yarn (weft)
  • Dowel or stick to hang finished piece from
  • Embroidery needle or handmade shuttle to wrap yarn around

My first cardboard loom from a small box

My second cardboard loom from a larger box

The finished first piece with brass details

I got the idea when I found a tutorial for a cardboard box loom here. If you're a detail-oriented person, it's fairly easy. Here are a couple of extra helpful set up shots:

Spacing and cutting the "reed"

Wrapping the warp through the notches

Stringing the cotton warp thread through the reed

Alternating the stringing through the slot and the hole

Using the reed to tighten the weave