Although it certainly didn't feel like the frigid weather was going to break any time soon (notice the snow on the roof still...), we floated into our next Anthropologie window set with sights set on hot air balloons. Whimsical and full of wanderlust, these "plaster-mâché" balloons drifted over the hills below, led by little birdy friends.

Church Street

Bloomfield Ave


ach balloon consists of a plaster-mâchéd flat back and ribs which give the balloon dimension. After plastered, the balloons were painted and dry brushed for highlights. The texture of each balloon is quite rich. The little hand made details give the project some depth... the hand-strung pendants, the hand-woven baskets, and the hand filled "sand bags". This project introduced me to basket making in the most crafty sense.... Each hot air balloon basket was made of woven ropes of diluted glue soaked tissue paper. Although incredibly time-consuming, I immediately fell in love.