Every year around this time at Anthropologie, our windows celebrate some aspect of Earth Day. This year, our windows pay tribute to the perseverance and plight of the monarch butterfly whose habitats are vanishing with increasing climate change and use of herbicides.

One butterfly can travel more than 3,000 miles on it's migration to central Mexico. Two years ago while I was living in Texas, some friends and I road tripped down to Marfa. Miles after miles of desert stretched out during our drive when we suddenly we found ourselves driving through a fluttering cloud of monarch butterflies. We were immensely bewildered and in awe and could only gape out the window at the thousands of butterflies surrounding the car. 

To have been able to experience such a thing really moved me. Needless to say, I felt so excited to read that our designs would be inspired by these delicate amazing little creatures. 

This window--my fourth window--was also extra special because mama and papa Slowey were my guests during the week of install! I cut, painted, waxed, sewed, re-painted and dyed thousands of fabric and paper butterflies like a little fervored machine I was so excited they were coming! When I found my deadline approaching I also found out that I had two amazing helpers! My mom helped me hand embroider butterflies and install them while my dad video interviewed me on his phone, chatted with the sales staff, and helped innovate faster ways to glue thousands of butterflies. Needless to say....all invaluable to the completion of my fourth window.

I present you, my cosmic spread of butterflies...

Church Street Windows

Bloomfield Ave Windows

Now for some behind-the-scenes goodies!

Anthropologie put together a great video of the making of one of this year's Earth Day windows. It features two exceptionally talented humans--Dana and Carla (both of whom I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with at this past Spring Prototype). Give it a watch here!