While I've only posted images of my Anthropologie window displays up until recently, there are a plethora of interior displays I just adored creating. It's always fun to begin a project with teaching yourself new techniques...I am a fiend when it comes to researching new methods and artistic media! (Oh and recalling different types of knots my dad taught me as a kid. Dad, I hope you're happy you taught me to tie hundreds of pieces of bamboo together.)

For this project, I got to combine my love of simple architectural gestures, structural cantalevers, a tasteful ombré, bamboo....and weaving! All the horizontal bamboo slats were hand painted to fade from a green to it's natural yellow above. Hand dyed torn strips of canvas woven into the slats also accentuate this color transition. 

While most of the arch is real bamboo, the risers used to merchandise our home products were all hand fabricated and painted "bamboo."