Florist extraodinaire and fellow greenhouse enthusiast Christina of flores del sol tipped me off towards an amazing overgrown abandoned gem in Summit, New Jersey. Hidden by overgrowth and trees behind some townhomes and across a creek, the creaking skeletal remains of "Carl's Greenhouse" remains. At dusk in the beginning of August, we were fending off massive spiders, hornets and the heebie jeebies, but it was totally worth even being rescued from having stepped in a bees nest to see the crumbling, cracking remains of the greenhouse. 

My affinity for abandoned spaces is inexplicable but always a huge draw in my explorations and hikes and occasional trespassing. There is something immensely spooky and special about tip toeing through these spaces, not even speaking a word, just hearing things crack and creek beneath your feet. The floors were littered with old plastic potting containers and broken glass from panes that had fallen from above. After seeing netting filled with broken glass above our heads I shivered at the thought of a gust of wind trembling this place and it was a humbling reminder of how stupid wandering abandoned spaces can be.