Borne out of my love of geometrical forms, the formation of rocks and minerals, and working with wood, I began making wooden quartz crystal-like carved necklace pendants many months ago. Spurred on and encouraged by friends, I decided to go all in and open up shop on Etsy to sell them. 

Each set is hand faceted, hand made, and part of a limited edition series of a particular type of natural wood. I began with Tiger wood, a warm toned wood with larger stripes of dark brown and lighter amber brown and then just recently finished a set of Bocote wood pendants, a cooler yellow-ish brown wood with many small black stripes in the grain. No stain or paint is used, just a delicious smelling natural beeswax called Wood Butter made by Autumn and Hive to finish the wood and bring out the natural grain. 

For setting up shop on Etsy, I shot both types of wood at my favorite place out east--Thomas Edison's old greenhouse at the Edison National Historic Park (which is comprised of his laboratories, library, office, warehouse, greenhouse, and personal estate). 

You can view and purchase at www.etsy.com/shop/orohandmade