Every year at Anthropologie we celebrate Earth Day with a window highlighting causes near and dear to our hearts. This year was particularly special because I had the supreme pleasure of prototyping the Earth Day windows with the talented Tara Prather (DC; Shorthills) calling attention to the mass destruction of our rainforests and our opportunities to conserve, preserve, and recycle. We chose newspaper as our medium to highlight a recyclable material that had at one point been a living part of the rainforest and re-create this complex and life-giving ecosystem that is in imminent danger of being wiped out by the year 2060.

If present rates of destruction continue, half our remaining rainforests will be gone by the year 2025, and by 2060 there will be no rainforests remaining

We chose to showcase the quirky and beautiful banana plant, the spikey graviola fruit (hailed as a cancer-fighting superfruit), palms, orchids, and even a snake. 

Nearly half the medicinal compounds we use every day come from plants endemic to the tropical rainforest
With the destruction of the tropical rainforests, over half the plant and animal species on earth, as well as numerous indigenous cultures will disappear forever...If strong and decisive action is not taken immediately to reverse the destruction of this vital ecosystem, the consequences will be catastrophic. In fact, many scientists agree that the earth could very well become uninhabitable for virtually every living species, including humans!


Spring display thus far is creating a striking contrast with the snow continuously falling outside. But inside, a wooden grassland made of dyed and painted dowels is springing up in the front of store.